2013/12/21 17:47
I've just decided to post the first topic by myself and use this as some sort of feature tracking, before there is any real module of it (would be cool)

A point on the list is to have better individualisation options. While some things will not be configurable (like the general layout) some will be possible to change.

I aim to have the overall coloring being configureable. This will mean you can set the colors of background, borders and link color. This should give enough potential to design your site to your needs without getting overly complicated.

If it is getting too complicated there is no real reason to usw indie123 instead of a complete wordpress instance, so we do not want to be another wordpress, we want to be just an simple and easy CMS for indie developers :-)

Currently you can change the top images and the background image. In the near future, you will be able to switch the "window top border" (the carbon like thing you see above this text) and you will be able to set your site background to centered instead of tiling - which will give huge potential in terms of individualization.

2013/12/21 23:56
Here we go - if this is not our first visit, you will now find a new coloring on the site - the reason for that is, that each project site now set their own colors for links and for background.

Enough fancy things for a while now, we need to conentrate on other features now.

To change your colors open your site, enter admin and switch to "Colors" you will be able to enter the html Codes for the COlors for Links and for the background.

Hope you like it!

Mr. Chung
2013/12/22 00:54
I am curious where this will go in the future and what users may try to make their sites make look
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