External Links on Project Site
2013/12/21 17:56
Currently you are trapped to just use the features available - sorry for that.

One point on the queue is to make it so, that you can put your own links in the sidebar of your site. For example, Put in a desura or indiedb-banner alongside with your link to your project.

It is not possible to host any files/executables on indie123 nor will it be. I may reconsider this in the future when having enough data to aprox. the transfer volume - thing is if you develop a real breaker and thousends of people are downloading your binary from here, this could lead to problems and those will affect any other hosted site - so this will not happen at the moment.

2013/12/21 19:59

You can now enter the admin section of your setting, navigate to "External Links" and enter your desired external links - using html code.

Feel free to use a,img tags as you desire. You are not able to input javascript there.. sorry.. security reasons ;-)
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