Videos in Media
2013/12/21 20:13
This is something in the queue also. The idea is to just link your youtube videos on your project side.

Thing is, having your videos on youtube as well will give you a much wider audience and I currently just don't want to host and stream full videos.

But I believe that relying on youtube (or maybe other platforms as well) as a video hoster/provider will be a better choice than selfhosting on limited capacities

2013/12/22 12:09
Videos are now ready to use. How to do it:

Navigate to your site, media, click Add Video

You now can enter a youtube link. Be sure to not enter any shortened url because that will not work. The system will now grab the title, description and thumbnail from youtube and save it as a video on your site.

Voila! Youtube videos embedded on your site with just 1 click :-)

Hope you like it!
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