Upcoming modules
2013/12/21 20:19
If indie123 is going to be a benefit, I aim to extend the features the system will deliver.

The aim will always be to have a simple but effective way of doing things.

There will be a Q/A module, where the devs can setup a FAQ of their project in some easy steps, without messing around with dozens of configuration options.

There is also a Error Ticket System planned - again just a simple but effective on, which developers can use theirselfs for error tracking or let users post errors there. Because this can be done in a forum as well, a dev may enter his own remarks which cannot be done in a forum.

If you have ideas about additional modules, just let me know, post them here, so I can try to integrate something which fulfils the desired functionality. As long as can be done in a simplified manner, it should be no problem to do it :-)
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