How to create your own project site
2013/12/21 18:16
This is pretty simple. Just find the link at the bottom right, where it says "create your own site"

You will need to create an account first. NO fear, there is currently no approval and no email-activation whatsoever - in the future there will be problems with spam and this will change, but for the moment everyone is free to register by just providing an email, a screenname and a password.

Then click the create your project and you will reach a small form, where you will just enter your project name (normally the name/title of your game) and the entity which is responsible for this project. Normally, the dev team name whatsoever.

You can optionally provide a link to your website which will be placed in the bottom bar of youir project site.

And that's it, your project is ready to role and you can edit it, by just clicking on "admin" in the menu bar, right beside the logout link.

There will be more options to change the look, add other users to your team and so on .. :-)
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