Ads and what it can do for you
2013/12/21 18:12
You will notice that there is already some advertisement included. Because this whole service is FREE of any charge, I hope this is ok for you. If not we may discuss a solution to it.

But what can this do for you. Well, actually indie123 is a network of indie game developers or projects. So why not provide your own ad of your own game and display that on other indie123 sites.

This would be some sort of banner exchange, where everyone helps each other without doing anything.

What do you think about it?

Mr. Chung
2013/12/21 20:09
Like the idea of the banner network .. for indies it is really hard to get some attention to their game - no matter how good it is. I always wondered how some other do this..

2013/12/21 20:43
Just to answer to a message I got elsewher:

There will NEVER EVER be PopUp-Advertisements on this page. Promise. I hate PopUps

2013/12/21 21:12
I love the idea! That would actually be some useful ads!

2013/12/21 21:51
I think it would be best to leave it open to the project owner if he wants to participate in a banner exchange or not, so everyone can be satisfied.
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