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Laser Blaster Simulator
Laser Blaster Simulator is very easy to use, just start the app and press the button to throw out a blaster shoot.

Play with your friends as your favorite hero from exciting movies like Star Wars! Feel like a Star Trooper.

This app turns your phone into a Laser Blaster. Invite some friends and play your own real life missions with the right soundtrack.

It is also very funny to show on parties - everyone will instantly remember the Star Wars Movies and try to find cover!

I do not recommend it, but if you like you can use this Laser Blaster Simulator also to scare your friends ;-)

Disclaimer: No, this will not turn your phone into a real deathly laser blaster, you will not be able to melt starships with it or conquer real giant sandworms in your garden - it is just a simulator! It makes a sound, so you can use your phone to simulate a laser blaster battle with your friends (or just scare them)
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