Link Videos to your news
Player love to watch videos! So you can now link one of your videos to your news entries.

To do so load up a video of interest into your media section (put in the youtube link and hit save, that's it)

Create your news entry and select the video you like to link in the select box at the bottom of the form -> that's it!

Your video is now displayed right next to your news entry as an embedded media!

Hopefully you like it! At least I like it ;-)

So your normal workflow of putting up a full featured news is the following:

Create a Screenshot of Interest and load it to your media
Capture a short video of interest load it to youtube and add it to your media
Create a news item, select the image you want as thumbnail (for the moment you get the id by just hovering on the images on the right)
Select the video you want to link with the news
Hit Save - share wherever possible!

It's easy like that, in just a few minutes you are ready to feed your fanbase with the best info possible!
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